February 05, 2009

Summer Wind

It was 6 am on a Sunday morning in 1966 and I had been out all night wasting what little money I had in many of the fine strip clubs of Norfolk. It was the height of the Viet Nam war and sailors in uniform were never carded.

I was in no hurry to return to my ship in Little Creek so I walked in to a greasy spoon near the Y and ordered a cup of joe. I had two quarters left in my pocket. I paid the tab with one. The other one went in the jukebox.

Sinatra was 51 in the fall of of '66 when he recorded this song. To a punk kid of 18, he was ancient but I became a fan that day.

Funny how the smell of wine can bring back memories of an old black dog and a boyish prank. It is the same with an old tune.

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June 27, 2006

michelle my belle

Mandarin Design, her way or the highway

Everyone is a collector. I collect and save the container boxes of the things that my family and I have purchased over the years. I bought my first Norelco shaver twenty-six years ago. It stopped working five years later but I still have the box it came in.

My closet shelves are filled with all manor of cordless telephone boxes, cell phone boxes, shredder boxes, single lense reflex camera boxes, and Coleman camping lantern boxes. There is even an odd assortment of plain generic boxes for which I have long forgotten their original contents or purpose. It is a useless collection.

Meg (her real name was Michelle) of Mardarine Design was a collector too. But unlike mine, her collections were in great demand by bloggers every where. She wrote, collected and shared an assortment of CSS tips and tricks. Many of the design elements you see on this website came from her copious compilation of clever CSS code.

She never asked for anything in return. She never even asked for so much as a thank you. What she got was my friendship and my gratitude.

Meg or Michelle collected more than tips and tricks. She collected the hearts and good will of people from all over the world. She had friends she did not even know about. I was one.

I speak of Michelle in the past tense because she died suddenly this past weekend.

She will leave a big hole in the Internet - a hole that can never be filled. Sure, other people can write CSS tips and tricks for the rest of us less skilled but not with the same wit, warmth, style and grace.

God speed Michelle.

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June 25, 2006

summer fun for the handyman

Ah summer is here and now I can have some real fun.

Whether it is frolicking in the yard cutting grass with my magnicent grass cutting machine or pounding the shit out of the front sidewalk, I just have oodles and oodles of delightful summer time activities.

I especially like working up a real sweat cutting the grass. Then I sit down in one of the lounge chairs on the deck and pop open an ice cold Heineken - so cold it gives me a brain freeze.

And when the sweat runs down in to my shoes, I take them off and my dog licks my toes.

Finally my wife will slap the crap out of me and I will come back to my senses. You know heat exhaustion can kill.

But no matter because tomorrow I get to climb up on the roof and clean out the eave troughs. Yippppeeee!

Remember men, if they can't find you handsome let them find you handy. I'm pulling for ya; we're all in this together.

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